Aggregate Testing Facilities

Aggregate Testing Facilities

At Accredited Testing Lab, our advanced Aggregate Testing Facilities are designed to facilitate a robust and comprehensive analysis of aggregate materials, ensuring optimal quality and performance in your construction projects.

Our wide array of laboratory tests encompasses gradation analysis, determining the particle size distribution for comprehensive quality control. We conduct specific gravity testing to identify the inherent density of the aggregate, which impacts its strength, durability, and performance. Absorption tests are used to understand the water penetration levels of the aggregate, a crucial factor for stability and long-term resistance to environmental conditions.
Soundness tests are conducted to evaluate the ability of aggregates to resist weathering and freeze/thaw cycles, ensuring resilience under fluctuating environmental conditions. Abrasion testing assesses the hardness and durability of aggregates when subjected to mechanical wear, crucial for high-traffic or heavy-duty applications.

To ensure safety and environmental responsibility, we test for toxic chemicals and acid solubility, ensuring your project aligns with health and safety regulations and standards.

Our team of skilled engineers, inspectors, and technicians bring an unmatched wealth of hands-on and lab expertise, ensuring meticulous execution and timely delivery of results, with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. With our state-of-the-art Aggregate Testing Facilities, we offer in-depth, accurate analysis for superior quality assurance.

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