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Concrete Testing

At Accredited Testing Lab, we specialize in conducting comprehensive concrete testing, ensuring your projects meet the stringent safety standards set by the industry. Leveraging our advanced testing facilities and skilled personnel, we assess the strength and integrity of your concrete structures, offering a thorough analysis that serves as a benchmark for quality and durability. Choose ACTL, where we transform concrete testing into a testament of resilience and longevity.


Aggregate Testing

Our laboratory conducts comprehensive aggregate testing encompassing a suite of analyses, including gradation, specific gravity, absorption, soundness, freeze/thaw resilience, abrasion, toxic chemical presence, and acid solubility. These tests provide critical insights into aggregate quality, promoting improved performance and longevity. Our skilled team of engineers, inspectors, and technicians, armed with extensive practical and laboratory expertise, ensures meticulous execution and timely delivery of results, always adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

Concrete Testing Laboratory
ACTL’s Pull Testing Facilities Services

Pull Testing Service

Looking for proficient pull test assistance? Discover how ACTL’s on-site pull testing service can meet your needs. We arrive fully equipped at the test location with the necessary anchors, materials, and equipment to conduct meticulous pull tests. Our services offer flexibility, allowing tests to be conducted either during or post-construction, ensuring you never miss an opportunity for quality assurance. Trust ACTL to deliver precise and timely pull test results for your project.


Core Drilling Service

Core drilling, or concrete coring, is a specialized procedure of extracting a cylinder of concrete from its larger structure. This technique is widely used across various industries, including plumbing, electricity, drainage, HVAC, manholes, and structural testing, to name a few. At ACTL, we offer proficient core drilling services, ensuring precision and reliability in every extraction.

core drilling equipment
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